World Vision

We believe it is important to pray for and support those who are seeking to share the good news of Jesus Christ in other countries.

We support several families serving overseas and receive visits from various missionary organisations throughout the year - especially at our World Vision Weekend, held each January. Once a month we have a midweek meeting devoted to World Vision.

Jonathan & Annette

Jonathan and Annette have served the church in Italy for many years. They now live in Palermo, Sicily. Jonathan leads the field-based work of Italian Ministries and Impatto, which is involved in church planting.

Nikolai & Olga

Nikolai and Olga are working amongst the unreached Uighur people in Central Asia. They are sponsored through SGA.

David & Mary

David and Mary have been serving the Lord in Southern Asia for several years. Emmanuel has supported them from the beginning of their work.


Rachel (*not her real name) is serving in North Africa and Emmanuel has been supporting her from the beginning of her work there.